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Ed & Stede Acrylic Charms

Ed & Stede Acrylic Charms

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The backsides of the charms have protective films to peel off. The epoxy side does NOT have this.

2.5 inch acrylic charms of our beloved pirates!
They are double sided and have a glitter epoxy layer on the front side. The backside is the same image but flipped and flat.

Every order will include one additional OFMD themed holographic sticker from two designs. For now those will not be revealed. :)



Preorders are open and the charms including the stickers will be ready to ship on August 10. All remaining charms can be purchased normally starting on that day and will be sent out as soon as possible.

All orders are tracked. Remember that due to COVID-19 some countries still encounter issues with delivery - please keep that in mind!


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